Midlife Career Transitions for Women

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Realise YOU– you are an icon enhanced!

Do you need a resume, career hack or cover letter? Staying ahead of the pack OR changing jobs can be overwhelming. It's okay - Bloom Resumes can help!

Resume Reset

One-on-One Support
$ 147* From
  • My resume isn't getting noticed
  • I would like some career guidance
  • I’ve been out of work for a while

Accelerator Platform

Get me that job fast!
$ 337
  • Job brief discussion
  • Tailored Cover Letter
  • Updated Resumé
  • Up to 3 resumé changes at no extra cost

Exploration Platform

I'm missing out and don't know why
$ 447
  • In-depth career review
  • Tailored Cover Letter
  • Resumé reset OR
  • New resumé from scratch
  • Up to resumé 3 changes at no extra cost

Creation Platform

I have a letter and resumé but need some more help
$ 137 from per hour
  • Online or In-Person
  • Selection Criteria assistance
  • LinkedIn Profiling
  • Interview Coaching
  • Behavioural & Body Language awareness

Visualize your highest self, then start showing up like her. 

– Anita Quansah – London. 

But, as Dr Seuss says,

“why fit in when you were born to stand out!”

So, get up, dress up and show up! Present the best version of yourself from the get-go.

Let’s collaborate!

I am keen to meet with like-minded professionals for conducting career / life by design workshops, retreats and masterclasses.

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